How to recognize fashion jewelry metals and materials?

Jewelry manufacturer’s secret to recognizing high-quality fashion jewelry

Beyond their decorative function, quality fashion jewelry and accessories can be excellent investment tools, especially those from famous jewelry manufacturers. This is the reason you should know their materials and learn about the story behind any jewelry before buying them. It is also important to note that some material types can cause problems, such as allergies. This is one more reason to conduct little research before proceeding to the purchase of jewelry. Below are some facts from jewelry manufacturer that will help you identify high quality in the market!

How jewelry manufacturers identify the best gold jewelry

For those of you who prefer gold jewelry, know that these jewels come in several types depending on the size or the percentage of pure gold they contain. There are 24, 22, 18, 14, and 9-carat gold jewelry. To identify them, either you perform an authentication test, or you check their punches. When gold jewelry is in contact with the acid and creates an oxidation reaction, it means that gold jewelry is mixed with a large volume of alloy, including copper. The punches also determine the number of carats of the jewel.

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How jewelry manufacturers identify the best silver jewelry

Since the pure silver jewelry cannot be tested for authenticity, the only way to distinguish jewelry made from this precious metal is to check their stamps with a magnifying glass. If the seal on your jewel says, 925 know that it contains 92.5% of pure silver which is the best quality you can get. The sterling silver jewelry is costly and making sure you get the genuine one will save you from later headache.

How jewelry manufacturers identify other types of jewelry

Jewelry made from other precious metals such as platinum is also stamped for easy identification. A “Dog Head” on the jewel indicates that the platinum jewelry is made from 95.0 percent platinum. Copper jewelry is easy to distinguish by its color. Also, this material reacts with the acid.

How jewelry manufacturers identify leather-based jewelry

As for leather jewelry, the only way to identify their material is to check their resistance. Leather is a particularly heat-resistant material. As imitation leather products flood the market, do not hesitate to test before buying to avoid getting on poor quality items.

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How jewelry manufacturers identify pearl jewelry

The pearl is renowned for symbolizing refinement and elegance. It is not always easy to identify, especially if you do not know pearl jewelry like jewelry manufacturers do. Here are some things to identify a real pearl of good quality. In contact with light, the pearl produces a glossy shine. A pearl of excellent quality is both bright, clean, smooth, and has no cracks.

How jewelry manufacturers identify silk jewelry

wholesale silver is also valuable accessories. It is essential to be familiar with silk jewelry to be able to find a genuine one. Unlike other types of fabric, silk is particularly soft to the touch. This material is appreciated for its incomparable luster and its appreciable resistance. Silk-based jewelry needs to be well maintained to take advantage of their longevity.

How jewelry manufacturers identify plastic jewelry

Cheap plastic costume wholesale silver jewelry is offered at affordable prices. This material is easy to recognize because of its rigidity and fragility. Plastic also has a very lightweight and reduced resistance to corrosions. Understanding plastic jewelry is not difficult in general, because usually, nobody makes fake plastic.

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