How jewelry is made? Facts from jewelry manufacturer.

jewelry is often associated with women and beauty. In the past, they were signs of nobility. Since then, the jewels has become more of fashion accessories. Do you know that any jewelry manufacturer goes through the same essential steps whatever the material of your choice?

Choosing the right material for your jewelry

Choosing a metal or alloy to make your jewelry is not easy. Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale There are several factors to consider, such as malleability, flexibility, toughness, hardness, etc. Each metal has specific properties that make it suitable for a project or client.


A better understanding of the metals is important

To begin, we will define the main characteristics of metals. We have mentioned a few important ones like malleability, flexibility, toughness, hardness, inalterability, and density.

The malleability of a metal is its ability to be laminated, hammered, shaped or made into thin sheets without fragmenting or breaking.

The flexibility of a metal is its ability to resist stretching.

The toughness of a metal is the characteristic that defines whether the cracks generated during an impact will spread or not.

The hardness of a metal refers to the resistance of the metal to penetration, to scratches. The hardness of the metals is attenuated by treating them hot, by annealing them regularly.

The inalterability of a metal defines its resistance to oxidation or corrosion.

The density of a metal is the mass of the latter per unit volume.

What metal is suitable for your jewelry?

Now that you know the excellent characteristics of metals, you can direct your choice according to your project and your customer’s request.

For example, for bracelets and rings, we will have to opt for metal with high hardness and inalterability. They are jewels that are exposed to possible shocks and damage since they are worn on the fingers or wrist. They must be resistant and durable.


The creation of the model

Whether you are making your jewelry or using a service from jewelry manufacturer, the transition to model design is imperative. The choice of model can be made by consulting a catalog. But, if you want to create a custom-made model, the jewelry manufacturer often draws inspiration from the fashionable trend. Then assembles it with the aspirations of the customer (you!) and brings a model on paper.

Once you choose the design, it’s time to contact a modeler.

The assembly of jewels

For pearl jewelry, this part involves the construction of all the elements constituting your jewel. All you need is a nylon thread, a screw or spring clasp and of course pearls. For the necessary tools, you will need a pair of scissors, flat and sharp pliers and glue.For gold or silver jewelry, it is necessary to proceed by melting raw materials and alloys. For example, you can use a cast iron. Then pour the molten metal into the model. Let’s cold to get the jewel done.


Finishing the process

Once the jewels are finished, it is now time to polish them. Jewelry manufacturer uses this process to makes it possible to eliminate the traces left by the manufacturing tools. Sanding and crimping techniques are used. The first operation is done by hand with flax yarn, linen, and abrasive paste. Then, it is necessary to wake the vivacity of the matter by practicing the last polish. Rotating brushes and ferrets perform a final polishing. Finally, crimping makes it possible to highlight the gems.

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